Directors Message

Greetings!  We wish to take this opportunity to inform you about our new school Ongata Royal Academy.  This learning institution has been established to provide our young ones with the highest quality care.  Our programs have been designed by experienced school administrators to provide children with learning experiences appropriate to their age and individual abilities.

As parents ,we always endeavour to give our children the best.  It is with this in mind that we choose to provide a healthy and safe environment for children to play, learn and grow emotionally, intellectually, physically and socially with guidance from professional care givers.  At Ongata Royal Academy we currently offer Play group, PP1, PP2, Grades 1 and 2, Classes 3 to 8.  To ensure that our children grow to be well balanced, knowledgeable and caring individuals, we have gone a step further to provide computer, music, agriculture and swimming lessons.  In addition we provide hot nutritious and well balanced meals as well as transport to and from home for pre-shool children and to designated areas for primary school children.

We believe that our institution offers a firm foundation for our children and lasting relationships with our parents too. 

Ongoing students’ registration is still in progress and any information you may need to know regarding our school is readily available too. 



To expand the potential of every child, by providing the best quality care, and education opportunities that will enable each individual to develop the desire to learn, and achieve high standards in all aspects of life.



To be a unique center of academic excellence founded in strong Christian morals and values and to explore and bring out all the available talents and skills and to develop them as needed to benefit the future generations.



An institution Where Every Child Shines

The school is founded on six pillars that are of very high standards:

  • Curricular/Academics
  • Co-curricular/Creative activities
  • Cleanliness (personal hygiene)/environmental care
  • Christian morals and values
  • Discipline
  • Safety


School Photos

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